Uri Buri

Fish & SeaFood Restaurant - Old Acre

Fish & SeaFood Cookbook

Legendary restaurateur Uri Buri takes his readers on an
in-depth journey into the world of fish and seafood. He presents information, ideas, recipes and variations, while sharing his culinary worldview. Uri teaches readers how to select fish and seafood, how to check it for freshness and how to clean, store and freeze it. He also details the various methods for preparing fish and seafood, including grilling, roasting, curing, pickling, smoking, frying, stewing, steaming, baking and more. Through an abundance of recipes Uri combines different cooking traditions with a spectrum of tastes, preparation methods and local ingredients found along the shores of the Mediterranean.

The recipes are simple and easy to make at home.
The book includes a fish lexicon describing each type of fish, as well as lists of oils, salts, vinegars and spices, tools needed to prepare fish and a directory of recommended purveyors of fish and seafood.

Also included is a special chapter dedicated to wine,
with recommendations for pairing local wines with fish and seafood.

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